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R&D Nuclear Physicist

Requisition ID:  2588

Louvain-la-Neuve, BE

Work regime:  Part-Time
Kind of contract:  Open Ended Contract

Challenges we trust you with


As an R&D Nuclear Physicist, you will harness your expertise in nuclear and particle physics to drive innovation in our particle accelerators and detectors. Your contributions will directly impact shielding design, irradiation techniques, and the development of new cancer treatment modalities.


To this date, all IBA products and systems are based or use either particle accelerators or particle detectors. Therefore, expertise about nuclear and electromagnetic interactions between particle and matter is key for various purposes. For instance, Monte Carlo simulations   are used for:
• Shielding design for low- and medium-energy cyclotrons used for isotope production;
• Shielding design for high-energy accelerators used in Particle Therapy;
• Optimization of irradiation techniques for industrial applications using electron and X-ray beams;
• Development of new cancer treatment modalities using proton, heavy ion or electron beams;
• Support to the development of new detector concepts.


These simulations are sometimes experimentally validated through measurement campaigns, and different simulation packages are used depending on their relevance and the results to be obtained. More recently, IBA has also started to grow its expertise in matter activation resulting from the use of proton and electron beams, in preparation of building and equipment decommissioning and as part of its sustainability program.
As R&D Nuclear Physicist, you will be involved in maintaining and developing this very specific expertise. You will learn from IBA’s experience and bring your own skills and motivation to further develop it. This includes developing your own network through collaborations with universities and participation to relevant workshops and conferences.

What we value


Hard skills

• Master degree in Engineering or Physics with a strong background in Nuclear or Particle Physics, preferably with a PhD;
• Proficiency in the use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes (e.g. MCNP6, PHITS or GEANT4), including modelling complex geometries. Experience with the use of activation code such as FISPACT would be an asset;
• Experience in programming or scripting languages (Python, C/C++/C#, …) in a LINUX environment.
Soft skills

• You are able to organize your work autonomously and take initiatives;
• You are curious and willing to keep on learning and acquiring new skills/tools, as an expert;
• You are rigorous and meticulous in your daily work and its documentation;
• You are able to present your results in a comprehensive way, you adapt your message to your audience;
• You are fluent in English and proficient in French;
• You are willing to travel worldwide (a couple of weeks a year).

IBA Group

IBA is offering a broad and amazing diversity of careers. For our business units to perform at their best, they can rely on various shared services that give the appropriate support to each activities so that they can run their business smoothly. Finance, legal, corporate communication, human resources play together a key role in the company growth.

IBA: Protect, Enhance and Save Lives

IBA is the world leader in particle accelerator technology and designs, produces and markets innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses, and for industrial applications such as the sterilization of medical devices.

IBA is driven by a mission to Protect, Enhance and Save Lives. IBA’s innovative mindset, dedication to technological and scientific progress and long-standing open relationships with customers and partners make IBA a unique scientific company.

A committed company

IBA believes in a business model that creates shared and long-term value for all its stakeholders:

IBA increases market share and return for its shareholders, improves quality of life for its customers, patients and employees, and contributes to the well-being of the society. All while maintaining and restoring the planet’s health. IBA has integrated this stakeholder approach into its company bylaws.

This vision is operationalized since 2021 by the B-Corp certification, a holistic tool to assess, benchmark and ultimately improve its sustainability journey.

Learn more about IBA and its technologies, download our new corporate brochure or visit our corporate website.

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