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External Warehouse Coordinator

Requisition ID:  1688

Louvain-la-Neuve, BE

Shift:  Full-Time
Kind of contract:  Open Ended Contract


Ensure an optimal management of the external inventory at our 3PL.

Secure related warehousing operations and an optimal Customer Project main shipment preparation.

Challenges we trust you with

Coordinate operations executions and supervise all physical storage tasks ant parts @ 3PL.

  • Tasks (receiving, checking, storing, picking and packing, drive a forklift) are performed safely in compliance with lead-time, quality standards, safety and accuracy.
  • Collaboration with 3PL (storage, sort data, checklist, labelling, pre-packing, etc….).
  • Resources are organized in order to secure safe co-activity and meet the expected SLA.


Ensure Process is applied and up to date.

  • Consistency between IBA packing list/SAP and 3PL storage list.
  • Parts are available according to internal and external customers’ requirements.
  • Parts allocated to a customer project are correctly labelled and stored.
  • Parts are properly prepared according to shipment order.
  • Flows between Beam Factory and external storage are correctly organized.


Manage emergencies & priorities upon request.

  • Relevant and regular communication with internal/external customer (e-mail, End of shift report).


Ensure relevant collaboration with other Ops coordinators & related sub-contractors.

  • Point of contact for packing goods in stock@3PL.
  • Point of contact for CPC teams for shipment.


Ensure an up-to-date Inventory Status.

  • Plan regular visits at 3PL accordingly.
  • Escalate blocking points when necessary.


Coordinate packaging with supplier@3PL.

  • Point of contact for packing goods in stock@3PL.
  • Ensure the goods packed are in SAP with news dimensions and weights.
  • Ensure adequate labelling, identification, consolidation (data included), loading simulation.
  • Plan regular visits at 3PL accordingly.
  • Point of contact with CPC (data reliability between packing list and data list 3PL)


Ensure periodical inventory is performed @ 3PL.

  • Discrepancies between physical and system inventories are analyzed and solved.
  • Maintain and keep WH data in ERP up to date.
  • Updated data at any time, and all parts (in/out) are labelled effectively/ ensure perfect accuracy between stock reality and database/zoning accuracy.


People engagement.

  • Welcome newcomers and supervise training.
  • 5S leader.
  • Participate to improvements ideas and proposal ideas.
  • Back-up transport administrator when needed.
  • Ensure respect of EHS rules.
  • Report any situation presenting related risks.
  • Zero incident mindset. Be a model for the teammates.

What we value

You have:

  • SAP knowledge.
  • Knowledge of all products all business units.
  • English.
  • Using Microsoft office & loading container software.
  • E-mail communication.
  • Able to handle stress.

IBA Group

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A committed company

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This vision is operationalized since 2021 by the B-Corp certification, a holistic tool to assess, benchmark and ultimately improve its sustainability journey.

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